Ultimate Luxury Home in London with a Fascinating Pool

Sometimes the special design offered by the top designers architects get to the point of confusing our vision. And we stayed at home through this intriguing modern London inspires freshness, but at the same time the opulence.

The interiors seem to come in and out of foreign invades. Either way, both the exterior and the interior becomes a unique space with the benefits multiply. For example, if you ask me, tell me what type of shelter is the ultimate luxury. What would opt for a room inside or outside?

The focus of the residence is a fascinating swimming pool surrounded by lush vegetation, modern furniture and garden fountain. We can not imagine a more versatile. The pool is perfect for an elegant evening for a feast of fools, and even for a weekend barbecue.

A clear vision of what I was trying to convey. The large glass doors connect the living room terrace with open-plan living. Once inside, a potential visitor is welcomed by decorations of the state of the art modern and inspiring decor items. A glass swing comfortable, contemporary art and encourage flowers indoors. We are looking forward to your views on the approach to the design of this residence.


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