Top Floor 3D Ethereal Rug Carpet Design by Esti Barnes

Founded in 1998, Top Floor firm is a business focused on the interior floor. And these famous Top Floor 3D Ethereal Rug Carpet collections are created by the founder and director of design, Esti Barnes, who also designs custom carpets and rugs for residential and commercial purposes.

Esti Barnes was honored with the best in the year 2010 Interior Design Magazine Award last year. It is clear that this award symbolizes a pavement design that goes beyond a carpet of loops and becomes an experience, but we never expected to see a carpet, which goes a step further.

The “Ethereal” carpet is one of the last by Barnes and her team of Top Floor that is climbing high in the community support full interior design. You need to design a level floor in three dimensions, using a fit model raised in the fabric of a rug. Not on the top or too subtle glamor, gorgeous asymmetrical pattern lights Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London, where the Top Floor exhibition hall resides.

In order to satisfy the desires of all customers, Top Floor offers the Ethereal in any color and size. By customizing this elegant floor covering that allows for flexibility in interior design as possible to fit any room or space for luxury room. Hand in all the strands of wool and silk natural materials, the high quality of this carpet upstairs is clear, as is the praise it has received worldwide since its debut.

Before winning the “Emmenthal” as Best of the Year 2010, Top Floor was a finalist for the ‘equation’ carpet in 2006 and winner of ‘Esquire’ carpet in 2007. However, Barnes has become “the main source of distinctive contemporary handmade carpets” in the industry, the Ethereal carpet for 2011 is no exception.


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