The Royal Wedding Florist Shane Connolly: Enchanted forest in church!

If you have a few privileged people who were able to attend live at the Royal Wedding, the historical event, but also the media, which saw to get married Friday, April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Royal Highness Prince Will, like his father Prince Charles, is also very sensitive and attentive to the ecological sustainability and environmental responsibility.

However many will be those who will be able to see the protagonists of this beautiful and rich green wedding, the eight trees of considerable height (nearly seven feet) who re-created in the nave of Westminster Abbey the atmosphere of the avenue of oak trees of the estate Bucklebury, Berkshire, oak trees that were planted during a visit of Queen Anne in the seventeenth century.

The floral decorations and trees, in fact, after the ceremony will be left in the same place to be seen by the public until Friday, May 6, 2011. After that date, the trees will be taken and then planted in the beautiful estate of Prince Charles, Highgrove Gardens. The choice of trees, which come from prestigious Tendercare Nurseries has been directed by the ‘floral artistic director’ of the ceremony Shane Connolly.

The couple called the Belfast-born florist Shane Connolly in London, which uses only organic flowers, seasonal and cuts but that does not keep them in their pots.

We post the video, prior to the ceremony, what a regal entrance!

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