The Most Creative Seating Solutions 2011

Today’s article we want to continue the cycle of galleries dedicated to the best design projects and solutions. At this point We want to show the 5 most creative solutions for the living room over the past year 2011. Here, only the furniture, but what. However, you can do to remember and appreciate these really cool interior. Comments are welcome.

# Sofa Levitating Above The Books: Under this sofa is very convenient to store books and miscellaneous small items

# Crazy Chair Looking Like A Stump: Chairs for the true connoisseurs of rough wood

# Retro Cars Inspired Furniture: A sofa is for fans of retro cars. Beautiful work

# Seating Furniture Combined With Plants – En-Gi by Mono Goen: Unusual table with a plant in the middle

# Space Saving Multi-Functional Sofa: Multi-function sofa


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