The Harmony of an Apartment in Canada by Kariouk Associates

Sometimes, comfort – it’s everything you need to feel happy at home. Especially if the interior is bright and colorful, but still beautiful and decorated with a landscape and interesting furniture that combines ancient and modern. And what do you need? The design of this apartment in Canada there are a lot of different decorations, which are in harmony, created by Kariouk Associates. The interior design uses a large amount of white, which increases the space visually. Many of lighting is not accidental.

It can be included in the modern lifestyle, urban, so appreciated in these days when everything changes too fast. The floor to ceiling wall cabinet had continued the task of providing more space and obtain the amount of storage. The shape of an ellipse was used to create enclosures, nuanced profiles of the sleeping area, dining room and living room is the most appropriate in this context.

The white porcelain tile was used finally to unify the interior, its reflective properties contributing to a bright, while the whiteness of the walls and some furniture pieces, like the wide glass windows give the impression an even larger space. All types of spots of color and decorative objects animate the entire atmosphere: the red chair on the table, the sofa brown, religious corner, objects of art that reveal the personality of the owner.


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