The amazing Hollow Chair by Judson Beaumont

If you are currently looking for a stylish, flexible and functional really need a chair, then you’ve come to the right place. And here is the amazing Hollow Chair, created by the Canadian designer Judson Beaumont, this is something that can really satisfy all your needs.

This piece of seating furniture is great because it has a very original detail that can be adapted to any environment. Although at first glance appears to be damaged, you will see when customizing the taste of the person.

You can fill bottles, stuffed animals for children, books or whatever you want. Ideal for any environment, because the details will be covered with a taste of each.

A chair is not only very original, created especially for the … most unique and original but also very comfortable. An exclusive design Judson Beaumont characterized by simplicity, elegance and functionality and fun.

To make the curved pieces, and make sure they would be strong, this Vancouver-based designer uses the power of the CNC, realizing that he could create the form of layers. A wizard did the programming, so that all parts of only EUR 1 ½-layer sheets with holes to record each other for a smooth final surface. That’s when all glued, sanded and stained. The back and seat are upholstered. As always, Jud tells me as inspiring as its engineering designs without fear.

Certainly a great idea for any area of the house, original to the room a special atmosphere. It can adapt to the decor of the area through design elements that fill the part that is empty, and no doubt will be great.

[Fine Wood Working]

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