Swimming Pool Decorations: Stickers By sKine

If you’re one of those people who want to have a pool in your home, you can enrich your design oriented or classical demanding pool ornamental flower stickers, even surprising, created by sKine, which reflects the light through and give up surface so that it looks like the depth and nuance of your dream of swimming pool decorations.

They are very similar to custom vinyl stickers, but they are made of materials resistant to water and UV radiation. Because these tags can be attached in any fund of the swimming pool. These creative decorations are very easy to use and is not even necessary to drain the water. Thanks to a lot of variations you can choose the design that reflects your mood and adjusts itself to its exterior design.

sKine offers four impressive collections: Les Tendances, Les Classiques, Les Aquatiques and les Florales. In any case, will change any pool in elegant designs and original.


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