Stylish Bookcase Design: Dream Bookshelf by Dripta Design Studio

Bookcases today are not what they were. Previously, using a standard design, conventional and boring, where a series of stacking books. This storage furniture is original, stylish and functional. In our example, become a shelf. For the beginning of the name: designers, developers, at Dripta Design Studio gave the outcome of Dream Bookshelf.

Look at the shape of this thing. Do not you like? Yes, of course, remember. When you’re a kid drew about fictional characters or real, the side of his head like a string of clouds, in which something was written. Often it is something that in our sole discretion individual thinks, what attracted us. This shelf is constantly used in the comics, as well demonstrated.

This library can be hung anywhere, but according to developers, the best would be to look in your living room. This piece of cabinet furniture available in two colors: black and white. Inside, in some areas is very conveniently placed books, souvenirs and other fun accessories. Such a thing will please you, your children, friends and family and decorate the interior modern and minimalist.

[Beautiful life]

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