Storage Furniture System: Wogg 52 by Christophe Marchand for Wogg Brand

Wogg 52 is a storage furniture system designed by Zurich-based Designer Christophe Marchand for the Swiss brand Wogg. This free standing shelving has a simple form and a real ease. There are no top or bottom, no front or rear.

Particularly interesting is its design devoted to this new storage furniture system, which consists of three individual pieces that can be twisted and stacked randomly.

Characterized by its clear line and lightness, the design of this Wogg 52 storage is made up of 5.6 mm composite panels and transparent rear walls are joined with the utmost precision.

Fits both the bedroom and children’s room in the hall or office, The Christophe Marchand’s storage system of new furniture captivates with its radically simple and visual lightness, as well as real.


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