Special Dining Table Design: “An Ode to the Manhattan Bridge” by Richard Velloso

If you are looking for a special dining table, which at the same time is stylish, should seriously consider to see this piece design which offers elegance and a touch of originally given to our rooms.  Called “An Ode to the Manhattan Bridge“, the unique table is inspired by the famous Manhattan Bridge.

This famous landmark emblematic across the river from New York, and is the inspiration that characterizes this beautiful dining table. Richard Velloso is the famous Brooklyn-based furniture designer who created this dining table. The piece of the table is made from a 6 foot long piece of drift wood. This wood has been found on the beach beneath the bridge.

In addition, the Velloso’s table is also made with hot-rolled steel. Its dimensions are more than seven feet long. It therefore has a large table seating suitable for eight or ten people. Ideal for our guests or special events like birthdays.

But don’t be fooled by the surface which is built-in designer’s studio called Olga Guanabara, because, although it seems wooden, metal is treated.

[Ref: freshome]

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