Sharp Eco House Design with zero CO2 emission appliances

The last test will end only at the end of June, but Sharp has finally begun to reveal some interesting data about its Eco House in Osaka.

Sharp, known electronics maker, has created a new home. But not a house either, but one with high technology and with zero CO2 emission appliances.

The place has a 9kW photovoltaic power generator and a sensor-equipped LED lighting, different applications that enable energy saving and of course is equipped with Sharp products such as LCD’s, in which we can view information about energy consumption.

Understand what are the innovative ideas and technological solutions implemented by Sharp to obtain such results can be useful “source of inspiration” for industry insiders and anyone who really wants to build a new eco-friendly home.

One thing about the company in doubt is whether to include a 180-inch TV, what do you think?

[Ref: engadget]

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