Saporiti Italia EXTreMe Sofa by Mauro Lipparini

The Saporiti Italia company has introduced a new wonderful collection of seating furniture. Now they represent us complement your collection – EXTreMe Sofa, designed by Mauro Lipparini.

This is an unusual fold, created to bring convenience and ease of a house or apartment. The authors say that it’s an elaborate collection of sofas, armchairs and tables, whose paintings basic and major features are defined, but at the same time, whose geometry and finishes are completely free and fully customizable by the end user.

EXTreMe Sofa is a very comfortable seat that is made of refined and sophisticated materials. They range from textiles, decoration or laser cutting leather for Foglizzo, to the exclusive fabrics of the Saporiti Italia collection, to the mat or high gloss lacquered platforms.

The tables also, shapes, finishes and surfaces can be fully customized. Their surfaces can be made of wood or lacquer and can be decorated with fine inlaid designs and patterns, made with traditional materials like wood or precious metals, but also with innovative metals such as steel, aluminum, titanium.

This Mauro Lipparini’s EXTreMe Sofas have been designed in both artistic and aesthetic appearance, you can use this kind of life of interior decorating ideas for your summer vacation at home, or enjoy the spring of peace in your home.


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