Rocking Cube Chair by Jessica Nebel Design

This Rocking Cube chair can be described as an ordinary rocking chair. It’s very funny modern rocking chair designed by Jessica Nebel Design while ensuring balance and stability, its shape is similar to that of cubic shelves so fashionable today, with rounded edges and their line is ideal for incorporating a traditional places is the swing state of the art environments.

The interior is hollow and is made of plywood, was initially assumed that they could be used to store some things, maybe put a few magazines or put a couple of blankets, but I think that balancing is possible that these objects move and fall, so the storage option not see it very clearly, would be different if it were a fixed seat.

The outside where we sit, is coated with a soft foam for the seat to be totally comfortable, not like other cases in which we must add more pillows, so I think an advantage and there is also available in various colors, white, black and more cheerful as for example yellow.

[via: Jessica Nebel]

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