Repurposed Lighting 7 » REWASHLAMP by To Martin

Industrial design, one way or another, is present in many modern interiors. Designers use a variety of things, and parts thereof (hereinafter to be clear) in order to create a new project. The resulting objects are often original. An example of this design project, you can safely assume REWASHLAMP, designed by Portuguese artist To Martin.

Repurposed Lighting 6 » REWASHLAMP by To Martin

The name already makes it clear that it is a lamp and it is unclear why this occurs after rewash, which means (if literally) re-wash or over. Seeing yourself in the photo light, everything falls into place. One element of the lamp is just the washing machine drum. It looks very unusual and as mentioned above – original. In addition, this reel boasts an interesting finish on the outside. This lamp confers a memorability.

Repurposed Lighting 1 » REWASHLAMP by To MartinRepurposed Lighting 12 » REWASHLAMP by To MartinRepurposed Lighting 4 » REWASHLAMP by To Martin


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