Real-Life House From The Simpsons in Henderson, Nevada

The cartoon series ‘The Simpsons‘ is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the history of television. I do not know anyone who has not enjoyed watching Homer Simpson and the company of an episode of the fantastic creation of Matt Groening.

The nature of yellow fever is felt throughout the world, although logically it is in America, where they are willing to commit more follies. The proof is in Henderson, Nevada. They have built the house of ‘The Simpsons’, changing its location, because as you know the original is in Springfield.

In 1997-long before these things called “blogs” and the entire 2200 square feet, four bedrooms, yellow house was built by Kaufman and Broad Home Construction as a national competition organized by the Fox and Pepsi.

How do they do? Well, for starters, to observe more than 100 episodes of the series, obsessed over 7,200 color samples (actually before settling on 25), and ultimately, the election of 1500 Simpsons-themed accessories style of Duff beer cans to paint the room sailboat.

Part of a community affordable housing and non-Evergreen Terrace, but still appropriately named Kaufman Springfield-house cost $ 120 billion to build. And here’s the extra-depressive: the retired worker from Kentucky who won the contest decided, instead, to make payment of $ 75K instead of the house. In 2001, after having been stripped of his Simpsons likeness, was sold to another owner.


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