Porro Inlay Furniture Collection with Intruiguing Geometric Patterns

This collection of furniture created by the Front for Porro. Call Inlay and is basically a dining room cupboard and a chest of drawers, which is aesthetically appealing, but at the same time deceiving the eye.

Here is the official description of the project: “Squares, rectangles and trapezes carefully cut with sharp edges lead to a geometric pattern, an intricate sequence of volumes which apparently protrude from the surface of such two home units. Inlay is the result of an accurate processing, alternating four different natural oak colours separated by a dark profile: a sort of frame separating the different texture faces thus offering a unique unit, immediately reflecting the love for wood processing“.

Did you notice that when closed, the cabinet units can easily be confused with decorative panels? In total, the collection is bold and elegant, which fits perfectly in many modern interiors.


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