Philosophical Minimalist Dining Table: Sweep by Lucas Martin

Lucas Martin has developed an unusual dining table, and called it simply the Sweep Table. Why is this thing called that? This is because the table was inspired by Japanese rock gardens. In view of this thing at a time remembered and never forgotten. Sleek, stylish and durable table perfect for lunch.

The table in the discussion has an upper surface that breaks glass vessels that can be used as containers. Below the top you will see a real garden – which is the base. The board comes with three different materials – wood, glass and metal – that give harmony.

The table is created from several plates glued together, parts of which were cut from a single table 12 feet of white oak. Blown glass vessels are cut and polished to be parallel to the surface of the table. Minimalism, Eastern philosophy and art in one! Enjoy! We feel more comfortable.


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