Pancake Floor Pillows by Unica and Bryan McCarthy

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 - Accessories

Hot tasty pancakes – which is always a point, but are soft cushions. Unica company, in collaboration with Bryan McCarthy, to implement the design project that you see in the pictures below. They meet in front of you Pancake floor pillows. According to the developers, you can start your day, at bedtime on them, for example, reading a book and then take them to bed and sleep in them.

Pillows look very realistic (well, in the sense similar to pancakes), which provides enough space to sit or even lie down. The diameter of each bag is 36 inch, and pancakes are upholstered 2″ foam type memory and digital printing function. These pillows decorate almost any decor, and children are especially pleased to lie down on pancakes.


Pictures gallery of Pancake Floor Pillows by Unica and Bryan McCarthy

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