Outdoor Decor: How to Choose Materials for Garden Furniture

The benefits of a garden area are numbers and they bring light, warmth, relaxation and at different times are the best place for rest and enjoyment for the family.

Here come the sunny and warm days of spring and you begin to get excited about the possibility of renewing the garden furniture or incorporate one time on the patio space to create a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy this day.

Now, what kind of materials selected for garden furniture?

The synthetic rattan, a material that is perfect in the garden and terrace furniture because it is very tough and malleable and maintenance is minimal.

You can use a special product for rattan or just soapy water and rinse with a hose then at low pressure.

If any of the garden furniture has small cracks or breaks can be carefully repaired by applying heat.

Teak is an ideal wood for outdoor furniture because it takes very little maintenance and is very durable. You can protect your teak furniture with teak oil or special pores or cover it, let the teak wood naturally age, making changes to gray.

Are advised to keep the teak garden furniture in a ventilated from appearing cracks in the wood due to changes in humidity and temperature.

The Yellow Balau is another material for garden furniture. Should be treated with teak oil once a year. It is used in gazebos, bridge decks, furniture, as well as shipbuilding, joinery arm, hydraulic works, crossties, cooperage, poles.

Materials such as aluminum or wrought iron are also an option to consider in garden furniture. Aluminum is a lightweight, easily cleaned and furniture can be stacked easily. And in the case of wrought iron, we can achieve a rustic dream.[image]

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