Old wooden home design with modern sustainable technology: The Clingstone House

Another unusual architecture comes to us from Joseph Samuel Lovering Wharton and artist William Trost Richards. The Clingstone House, where the names, probably the fact that this house clings to the little rocky island. Nestled on an island near Narragansett Bay, it’s an old wooden home design with modern sustainable technology, which you can see in the photos below.

This historic house is really far from the distant shore town is a quiet and water all the way around. This wooden house was designed 103 years ago. Today the 103 year old mansion owned by the architect Henry Wood and his family. We love to see the effect of worn and old looking at this mansion of wood. Here are full range of views 360 degree sea view from their windows.

The completely natural beach house fact is inside the honey-colored wood that warms the whole atmosphere of the house. The three-storey house that offers natural views into 23 rooms. This old house can be classic and old, but let’s face it, that this house is modern, as it is applied with modern technology, from the roof-mounted solar panels, wind turbines for electricity, water recycling , composting toilets to reduce operating costs, systems of sea water filtration. Later we realize that this design of wooden house is a classic ecological sustainability house.


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