Observatory design ideas: Container Scope Oceanscope by Keehyun Ahn and Minsoo Lee of AnL Studio

Today We offer you an unusual building from the famous South Korean architects Keehyun Ahn and Minsoo Lee of AnL Studio.

As one of the winners of the Red Dot Design Award for Architecture and Interior Design, this original observatory design ideas, called OceanScope or Container Scope, have a nice reuse of three containers of age in New Songdo City, Incheon, South Korea. The old containers are reused for temporary housing in many rural areas of Korea, as they are very cheap.

However, these applications do not have a harmonious relationship with their environment and causing an unsuccessful outcome in rural areas. With this in mind, OceanScope is an initiative of the mayor of Incheon, in order to use these containers in the use of public spaces and create a new functional aesthetic that can be assimilated into the landscape.

The containers were grades 10, 30 and 50 of tilt to provide different views of one of the largest ports in the country. The black exterior with white interior contrasts.

Colored lights accentuate the edges of the container and gives a nice touch. What creates a new perspective on the exposure times of rusted steel and gives new life and light. Agree, this useful architectural concept worthy of attention.


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