New Seating Furniture Trends 2011 from Moroso to Decor Your Home

Moroso has presented to the public its latest creation: a collection of seats designed by big names in 2010/2011 on the international scene and impeccably produced by the famous Italian company. The result is an entity capable of surprise and intrigue, perfect for the stylish decor of the more sophisticated as more informal.

Let’s look together at Moroso news! A proposal for 2010/2011 Moroso is a true path articulated through extraordinary objects that define a kind of conceptual map of industrial design that spatial memory in Silver Lake, in the privacy Redondo, in the territory of wood Klara chair Welfare in memory of gestures at the lighter paper for the Sustainability of Beth.

New projects in the details of the Moroso collection 2010/2011! Patricia Urquiola is the chair and sofa Silver Lake polyhedral shapes, a wooden chair, Klara, Redondo sofas and New Spring. Faced with the signature instead of innovative wooden chair wooden seat has an original coating, made of sparkling gems in natural birch.

In Japanese Tokujin get all the memory technology and Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien are thin, light sessions and playful role. Gordon Guillaumier the signing of the modular seats and FreeFlow Monica Armani Trend tables characterized by linear profiles, but ironic. Ali Baba is the name of the table that opens like a treasure of Marcello Jori.

Finally, Dominque pupfish Meridienne the sofa, the sofa and chair Iris Hibiscus volumes flat and curved organic shapes reminiscent of plants that complement M’Afrique Moroso collection.


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