New Ikea Catalogue 2012

The attention to details, accessories, decoration is an important factor, which is highly visible in the Ikea catalogue 2012: the details often make the difference at home, details that add functionality or aesthetic, and then make a more practical or more beautiful, or both.

The initial part of the 2012 Ikea catalog is full of these ideas, small, but in reality gigantic proportions for the quality of everyday life: browse the front pages of this catalog is like stepping into another person’s house, comfortable, reliable but also very intimate, a kitchen, living room, study, bedroom, dining room, where every object is positioned according to a flood of positive criteria.

The catalog continues with many of the flyers and brochures for the living: for example the fantastic ideas to create angles that reproduce the small private libraries in miniature, reminiscent of the great palaces of the past, and private corners actually collected, but chock-full of meaning and travel around the world, flying on paper and on the covers of books.

Really good, so to speak, and don’t miss the new 2012 Ikea catalog!

[Ref: cotemaison]

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