Neo-Baroque Furniture: Eurolegno Bathroom Cabinets by Marco Poletti

We offer a lovely piece of furniture. What we can say with certainty what a Eurolegno Bathroom Cabinet, which demonstrates the high level of luxury and good for your luxury home. Designer-artist Marco Poletti, who designed this piece of bathroom furniture, says he first must make sure your bathroom is large enough to provide sufficient space for these cabinets and the value of them.

The collection on the subject is a combination of classic and contemporary-modern art, so it’s more than just furniture, it is an artwork. All cabinets were made of wood colors and nice, but with feet and chrome handles, nicely shaped and carved to resemble fine pieces of ironcraft, which aims to provide a fresh look at old bathroom cabinets used to be very popular during the Victorian era, for example.

These detailed pieces match the pattern on the sides of the mirror perfectly and this attention to detail and the combination of styles that belong to the neo-baroque.


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