Natuzzi’s Flagship Sound Chair Re-Invented by David Bianchi

Natuzzi is an Italian design company, is principally engaged in the manufacture of furniture like chairs. And here is a Natuzzi flagship chair called “Sound“, reinvented by David Bianchi, with a touch of gold that looks very elegant to be placed in any modern home or apartment. This chair is a chair that is different than ever. Because, equipped with the iPod and MP3 Player can turn all your favorite songs. Accompany time to relax and be able to make you feel very relaxed.

This chair is very stylish furniture and luxury, especially in product design-the hip in the saddle, which is dotted with touches of gold plated screws. And this is an option for the modern interior design in your home. And, of course, will bring a different atmosphere and environment.

Suitable for those of you fans of furniture, especially seats, but also multiple functions, and can make you feel comfortable. The combination of colors from white, gold, and the concept of metal at the foot of the chair, the chair looks very elegant and fantastic. No doubt this is one of the design with the creativity of the best seats ever. If you can not wait to see this chair, you can get in this year’s London Design Festival.


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