Multifunctional Furniture: “SMART KID” Conversion Kit by Adensen Furniture

One way to teach children the cleanliness, order and things have their place, the organization of his room, so we have a multifunctional piece of furniture called “SMART KID” conversion kit, designed by Adensen furniture.

Resistant material, plywood, with bright colors that make a cool handle, adaptable to small children’s hands and you can move that seems appropriate and a drawer in the back seat with easy access to them.

SMART-Kid furniture could be transformed into a bed, desk, drawers, shelves, and a comfy bed, where your child can do the work of the school, and give free rein to their artistic expression. And they can keep all the materials used and keep everything in order and that like his mother.

A gift that I’m sure the kids will love.


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