Modular Entrance Furniture System: Floor 95 by Mark Braun

The German people has always been known for their love of functionality, efficiency and quality. Floor 95, a new design project by Mark Braun is an unusual form of a modular entrance furniture system. This device includes several shelves and hanger in one. Actually plays as shelves and racks run of things. The idea is very interesting.

First, the siting of a unique and stylish looks. A good way to make your hall an important part of the house, is not part of the sulfur that your guests will be forgotten immediately after the transition to the living room.

Secondly, of course, a functional component of things. Do you want to – hang your coat, jacket or other clothing. It can not and leave the keys in the apartment on the shelf. It is convenient and will not have much time to remember where you are in Delhi, as this problem is occurring in many people. Is not it?


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