Modern wall mounted tv shelves: 17 Luxury TV wall Units by Alf Da Fre

These luxury pieces of storage furniture are TV wall units designed by the famous Italian furniture manufacturer Alf Da Fre. They are made of quality materials.

You can choose one of these wall mounted tv shelves with its themes of decoration of the room. Also available are elegant and modern with a mix of design and style options, such as symmetrical shelves, asymmetrical cabinets, floating creative lighting, minimalist environment variable TV color palette. Forms finishes sophisticated, elegant appearance to create an atmosphere of beauty and luxury.

Many people like to relax in the lounge or just watching television. Therefore, the entertainment is almost certainly the most central and fundamental to any living room in the house. In general, support for TVs up to our TV box otherwise the wall mounting larger than our sofas facing correctly.

Alf Da Fre TV Wall Units on the inspirations of modern design is shown in this gallery of 17 pictures, that his team brings elegant modern TV Wall variety of designs. Enjoy!


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