Modern Kitchen Design: Glass Countertop With Inner Glow by ThinkGlass

ThinkGlass was a modern master of organic form and shape in the field of kitchen furniture. Based on his studies in sculpture, the company created its famous glass countertop with inner glow, suitable for any style of cooking.

Marketed by Jennings & Company Agency, another interesting point of the kitchen is the powerful LED lights built into the inside of the glass top in order to give a glow. ThinkGlass offers a variety of colors, and even the possibility of creating a “light show” via remote control with special effects like flashing lights and fade to create an environment.

ThinkGlass has quickly become a leader in the thermoforming industry in pioneering a versatile technique that allows the creation of new or repetitive textures very low cost molding.

This process allows the creation of glass plates, without limitation thick open the door to all sorts of design possibilities that far exceed anything that can be achieved with the stone, granite or marble. Sleek and spare, the kitchen in discussion has several textures and can serve as a glass counter in a bar or at home as a decorative art object, you can substitute an indoor fountain and so on.


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