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Miniot iPad 2 cover for Apple Fanboy

If you’re an Apple Fanboy then you should see this Miniot cover for iPad 2. Miniot iPad 2 Cover is a cover for the new iPad 2 that has the same characteristics of the cover features the original Apple, but is made of wood and appears to be produced by a colorful Dutch family.

Miniot ipad 2 Cover1 » Miniot iPad 2 cover for Apple Fanboy

Available with $50 starting price, this Cover can be used to transform our ipad 2 from sleep, and turns it into a viewer, a keyboard or an upright camera.

Miniot ipad 2 Cover2 » Miniot iPad 2 cover for Apple Fanboy

To get the entire info for this iPad 2 cover just go on the official website of Miniot.

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