Minimalist and Futuristic Apartment Design in New York by Dash Marshall

This bright apartment in Manhattan, New York, which resembles a kind of surreal sketch. The interior reflects the style of minimalist and futuristic design, which was designed by Dash Marshall. Nicknamed “KGA”, this apartment is 715 square feet and white power. They have a funny, and only separated by a bathroom, closet and pantry. To visually expand the space, chosen as the predominant white and bright interior parts laconic added buoyancy.

Minimalism usually favors aesthetics over functionality or comfort – a necessary sacrifice inherent in the exposure of the essence of a design. However, simplification can be a very functional solution to expand a small space. KGA, for example, use the space by eliminating aisles and transfer of square meters for the rooms themselves. Specifically, movable partitions are used to allow flexible combination of siege throughout the apartment.

The intention of the designer in the production of these “zones” resulted in what he called the Black Hole. This area could be annexed Black Hole to either the room or bedroom, or held closed by additional cabinet space. The apartment is wrapped with an integrated storage layer to hide any ugly possession.


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