Matroshka Practical and Multifunctional Furniture Set For Small Spaces

We’ve seen many multifunctional furniture set for small spaces, but this design project really impressed us. It came to us from Sweden, from the furniture maker Matroshka. By the way, the thing you see in the photos, also called Matroshka. This set multifunctional furniture has a minimalist design and is named after the famous Russian wooden dolls, Matroshka. Ideal for small spaces, Matroshka represents a set of wooden dolls identical but of different sizes ranging from one to another. This type of furniture is made based on the same principle, all parts into one.

Matroshka, the furniture set includes a study, living room, bedroom and dining room. So, you get four different rooms, all in one. The advantage is that you can quickly transform the room into the room when you have guests or a room you would like to have lunch or dinner.

Twelve square meters are enough to benefit all the opportunities Matroshka set of furniture offered. It is an ideal set of furniture for small spaces and helps you save a lot of space. Your guests will be surprised in a pleasant manner and be fascinated by this multifunctional furniture.

I imagine that will also help you save money because you will not have to buy some other pieces of furniture for these rooms. You can also choose the wood and various colors available for this all in one set of furniture. It is worth noting that the company Matroshka been the result of one. Practical, multifunctional.


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