Log Cabin Home Plans in Finland: Four-Cornered Villa by Avanto Architects

Located in Helsinki, Finland, this small cabin log home by Avanto Architects has established a four-piece wings. The ‘Four-cornered villa‘ is like the call, and is located in a small forest next to a lake, raised off the ground by small pillars.

The idea behind the housing plans was to make a single, continuous and open at the same time allow some privacy and differentiation. The main feature that supports this idea is that the house has no doors inside, but no longer offer the same service as a traditional house full of walls, partitions, corridors, cubicles and doors at each corner.

A simple geometry of pure volumes that are linked together. Black wood exterior finish that helps your vision fades into the lake, which is confused between the nature of the forest. The interiors are made of light wood that allows you to manage the light so to win in a feeling of spaciousness.

Almost monastic life they wanted their users, paragraphs fully from the stress of the city and the pace of life accelerated, resulting in the absence of electricity or running water. The supply is obtained from solar panels, and the presence of the lake and a garden on the outside to give your users the need for “survival.”

Fireplace is the center of this house, which is defined as a household in the absence of those elements that invade our homes … photographs, personal items, decorations … A series of dark wood boxes, linked together with wood siding. Large windows and the ability to interact directly with the outside of each room to help housing and the environment to become a single element.


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