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Creative Layered Lighting Designs

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Hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries rely on creating an experience for guests. When renovating venues, designers and owners must maintain a fine balance between following energy codes and pleasing customers. Part of that balancing act requires them to work around existing wiring and ceiling designs while using energy efficient light bulbs. They also view the […]

The Fujiya Floor and Desk Lamp

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These lights have a slightly sloping trunk. This unique lamp is called the Fujiya Floor and Desk Lamps. By tilting a little stem on the lights can to cast some ever-so-slanted rays on your sofa or desk. These lights can be used in children’s desk or work table for you. [chictip]

Parker Lantern by Gallerie Z

This is a cute and simple lantern for you. Its perfect for your balcony, so as to give a color with a nod to mid-century design. Parker lantern was created by Gallerie Z .With use of brilliant colors and just spread the wires to insert the candle. The lantern can be hung using the metal […]

The Gradient Lamp

This is a pendant lamp which will decorate the room of your room. Pendant lamp with an orange color will make the room feel like spring. This pendant lamp made ​​from hand-blown glass and the diffused Lampshade features a subtle gradient That fades from opaque to transparent colored. Because of the color indicates the transition […]

Industrial Minimalist Neon Chandeliers

The minimalist design continues to take the heights. You no longer need to hide some details – they can show a way to make it look stylish. Rate new collection of neon chandeliers from Czech designers Peter Mikošek and Michael Vrátníková. This kind of industrial lamps are becoming more popular in communications so that they […]

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