Jacuzzi Luxury Home Spa (sauna, shower, hammam): Sasha

Sashais a luxury home spa, ideal for those who want the full experience of spa. It can be placed on a contemporary and modern home and the important thing is to relax and enjoy. This product is made from quality materials to ensure durability.

Inspired by the highest sense of health, This new Jacuzzi home spa combines a sauna, a shower and a hammam. Designed by architect Alberto Apostoli, the Sasha has a contemporary design and professional services in a compact package. Wooden, glass, steel and resin, Jacuzzi spa, involving all your senses with the water, the smell, warmth and music.

In the sauna, RGB LEDs are located inside the bank and the wall panel, while a touch pad allows you to choose different programs in combination with color sequences. The shower is surrounded by large glass panels and comes with three soothing water programs to wash their concerns. Finally, layers of vapor spray your body with warm, while the color touch screen allows mixed with the various programs preloaded.


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