Ikea Outdoor Plants and pots summer collection 2011

Flowers, plants and pots are a decorative element, both indoors and outdoors. IKEA, which boasts everything you need for home appliances, could not dispense with a decorative element as common as they are like plants.

Olea Europeae Potted Plant

In summer the trend is not only a perfect fix and leave the garden and the backyards (the lucky ones to have these spaces), but also try to bring into the home a little bit of summer decoration introduced in flowers and plants.

Hosto hanging planter

At IKEA, you can also find plants, in fact you will find a wide variety of plants. Plants for everyone in all sizes and for all budgets. From the OLEA EUROPEAE Potted plant that can be accompanied by any patio furnitures, through reaching various plants and trees in miniature.

Kalanchoe Calandiva Potted Plant

In its summer catalog, IKEA has not forgotten to include the stars of the season. So just check out this Ikea Outdoor Plants and pots summer campaign in their official site to find the best.

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