IKEA Malm Headboard Hack: heightened and upholstered

Adapt or customize IKEA furniture is an ideal choice as the hack allows the desired results at a reasonable price. And the truth is that with a little imagination, the decor can be transformed almost completely.

A good example of what I say is this bedroom:

This is a room furnished with a bed frame and headboard MALM IKEA model and two nightstands also MALM model.

The bedside tables remain as they are available at IKEA. However, if you look at the head of the bed is slightly higher than that incorporates the structure of the Malm bedside. The details are very simple, but at the same time gives a touch of originality to the decor and adds visual interest and gives a lot of play, allowing the head with the other textile materials.

Want to know how you customized the header? Therefore:

As you can see has been incorporated to make the header height of a table. If you notice, not even the same color, are of different materials. Later has some fiber in place to achieve that effect has been filled and then covered with tissue and keep it all has only been necessary to put some staples in the back of the head.

[Ikea Hackers]

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