Ikea Cabinets and Sideboards 2012

A year almost over and we know that all the decorating trends for 2012, plus many shops and businesses which have already put his bet for the next few months. One of them is Ikea, which a few weeks ago its 2012 catalog on the street and we see a lot of things to come, no doubt ideal for decorating our home.

Today I want to focus on Ikea cabinets and sideboards for next year and the characteristics of each, as there are a variety of designs, shapes and patterns that will help you find the perfect one for you. Notes for Ikea cabinets and sideboards 2012:

# Cabinets with two doors: They are without doubt one of the most famous of the Swedish firm and can be found in many sizes, shapes, materials and colors. A wide variety to suit your decor without changing this year and also come with a greater depth what it can do much better space.

# Cabinets with three doors: Ideal if you’re a big boy stay as they are larger than before. They are great, because normally a part of the wardrobe is for hanging clothes and the other has the shelves, so you can make much better use of space. There are also four doors, although this requires much more space.

# White Sideboards: The Swedish company defines the sideboards that are designed specifically to save them from the sheets, towels, comforters, duvets, etc are the glass doors, or so you can see what is inside and will be very nice when the underwear. Ideal for swimming.

In terms of materials, without doubt, the wood is still the star of Ikea, in all its varieties, and you can also find other materials. The neutral colors are used as light brown, white or black.


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