IKEA Business Catalogue 2011

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 - Catalogue & News

If you have a business project underway, IKEA is also a good option for you. Swedish store offers not only decorative solutions for all types of homes, also has a large selection of furniture and accessories perfect for any business: shops, offices, etc.

The attention to details, accessories, decoration is an important factor, which is highly visible in the IKEA Business Catalogue 2011: the details often make the difference at your business room, details that add functionality or aesthetic, and then make a more practical or more beautiful, or both.

The new IKEA Business Catalog is now available and it will find all new IKEA decorative proposals for your business. Solutions and ideas on practical and functional you’ll find the same philosophy as in other products brand, excellent value for money.

Pictures gallery of IKEA Business Catalogue 2011

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