IKEA Bedroom Tips: The bed in the middle of the room

The bed in the middle of the room is something that is usually found on catalogs and exhibitions decorating. However, it is an idea that we do not often put into practice. If you have space in the bedroom, a good tip to give a new look, is to put the bed in the middle.

The truth is that in certain areas, place the bed in the middle of the room may offer some interesting advantages, for example, allows us to leverage the wall for other furniture such as shelves, cupboards, etc. In addition the back of the bed can also take advantage of, a sideboard can be perfect for a small area of study or work in the room and can also be ideal for use as a support point light lamps directed toward the bed.

If you have a room that allows you to implement this idea may be a good option for a better use of space and help you get a different and original decor.

Through the following video you can see some tips from IKEA to place the bed in the middle of the room.

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