How to Decorate Romantic and Lovely Rooms with a Dark Blue

It may sound crazy, if someone wants to paint the walls with dark blue colors. Many people say that the deep walls that the room look like a cave, but the taste for beauty and style can transform the space into the perfect retreat, if painted with dark blue or navy blue. The atmosphere of the cave will quickly be replaced by a celestial fairy.

If your choice is associated with a single color would be easier for the designer to decorate your room. If you choose a wide range of colors, it is certainly too complicated for the style of your room best. When choosing a base color, the other two colors are light shades of blue and white is necessarily a different color. Thus, using the three primary colors can make any room look really good. You can stop the big purple or bright blue instead of white.

As the dark walls absorb light, these rooms are suitable for the type of owl, but it’s a natural instinct for people to want to face the sun, since his awakening in the morning.

Therefore, the window should be in a place that allows any ray of light coming into your room. To ensure that light is living in your home even more sad later, then you need lights that spread light in every corner of the room.

You can use a table lamp or reading lamp by the bed to provide sufficient light while reading a book in bed. To highlight a favorite picture on the wall, should focus on the light. Using the two lamps two opposite sides are off the dark tones of dark decor, but with style.

Natural advantage in the use of dark blue walls, the effect of candlelight. No absorbs light candles, blue decor creates a romantic atmosphere. Actually, playing with lights is key to any idea interior. If the effect of light is used properly, the dark lair can turn into a paradise.


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