H&M Catalogue Home Collection Autumn Winter 2011

H&M Catalogue Home Collection Autumn Winter 2011 is a highly illustrated text, moreover, that in virtue of its visual quality and precision in describing objects, compositions and prices, can be peeled, understood and appreciated by all.

The 2011 H&M Home Collection Autumn Winter Catalogue is a real book to read over and over again, because what escapes once, you can hit the eye the next time. And because every day we can come to want to solve a new problem in the house with a storage solution in addition, with an accessory positioned in the right way, with a touch of color detail.

And so he tells the story of each house, as he says just the H&M catalog in its subtitle, any day, any time you decide to even casually, even unconsciously, to browse the H&M catalog.

And it is a case history, those who are in the H&M 2011 catalog: homes lived in, homes ordered but out of place with something that makes us understand how the environments are always crossed by something and someone.

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