High End Sofa Set: Soundscape by David Caon and Juicy Design for Audio Technica

It’s difficult to see office interiors, apartment or house without a couch or sitting area. Now You can try this Soundscape Sofa as a result of collaboration between the industrial designer David Caon and local Sydney design company Juicy Design for Audio Technica‘s commercial space in Sydney, Australia.

These free standing sofas are made from a number of layers of EchoPanel, a 100% recyclable PET product. It offers a structure upon which customers can sit and relax while enjoying the products of Audio Technica.

The High End Sofa Set is equipped with six docks hearing the touch screen. The touch screens allow users to sift through a catalog ‘inside’ the music or plug in their own audio device for listening through headphones. Each port has a different set of headphones and the client can explore rugged landscape of the couch and sample different products. The software which touch screens, designed for this application, making the soundscape Sofa truly custom product.

The method of manufacture, along with the sculptural design results in a piece that, in plan view, resembles a topographical drawing inspiration from the ‘Soundscape’ name.


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