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How to calculate the amount of heating power

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To ensure a complete house or apartment with hot water needed to choose the correct power of the heater. The power of the heater depends on its productivity – the amount of hot water (liters) per unit time (minute). In the storage water heater performance depends on the volume of the tank, but a flow […]

Ideal Modern Space Radiator For Nursery Rooms

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All that has been created for children must necessarily be playful, fun and colorful character, because they (children) like it. Considering all this, your child will feel better and it will have a good mood. That is why the heater in nursery rooms for a boy or girl must be the same as described above. […]

Eco-Friendly Stylish And Portable Radiators by Rochus Jacob

If you think you are the defenders of nature and an active fighter for its preservation, you’ll probably be interested to read the next line. This short note is devoted to the designer by the name Rochus Jacob and his work – Rethinking the Radiator. The heater is able to maintain the desired temperature in […]

DIY: Connecting a thermostat on the radiator

Winter is just around the corner, and with it the typical weather of the time. This means that soon we will begin to take hold of the blankets, warm clothing and, of course, turn on the heat. If you want to pass or drop in the months of cold winter ahead, but do not break […]

Decor Radiators: Bamboo by k8 Radiatori

At this point, we are really enjoying Bamboo by k8 Radiatori decorative radiators. Often, the radiators can be so ugly. We look for ways to disguise, hide or blend these structures in the interior is elegant and sometimes without success. They are always there, starring you, to remind you that even though you did your […]

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