Hallway interior design ideas: Paint Brush Coat Hooks by Dominic Wilcox

Seeking innovative ways to revitalize the interior design of your hallway? Remember, inside there is nothing concrete or specific – is complex, consisting of a number of factors and things. Therefore neglected here is not worth it.

Perhaps these are rare, if not eccentric hooks will help in implementing the plan. This is a work of designer Dominic Wilcox called Paint Brush Coat Hooks. All these devices are very elegant, though simple in themselves. It’s no secret that to create more than just fun, you do not split hairs too much.

And now a little more about what we have learned about this collection. Here are familiar with a situation where after using brushes that are sure to wash? After some time, they harden and are of the form, which actually were. Believe it or not, this is the situation and became the inspiration for this Sunderland-born designer.

We think it’s very clever idea, not to mention that it is very difficult to do yourself. We also believe it would be little to develop the collection in the future. Why use a brush and clothespins, things can be predicted with less weight. Well, let’s see whether the extension. Oh yeah, forgot to say, the project has been designed especially for the Object Abuse exhibition at KK Outlet, held in London.


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