Gyre TV Storage by Reversica Design: How to deal with a big flat screen

If you like surprises, this furniture will be spinning great entertainment. This TV Storage is called “Gyre” and was designed by California-based Company Reversica Design. Flat TV Displays or library, according to the desire of the user. Not a new concept, and furniture have been “multi-function”, but this looks nice.

Although it may seem like a simple shelf cabinet, Reverse Gyre, is something else. This furniture is the most discreet way to hide a television when not in use or when you want to break a classic decor

It may seem a simple piece of furniture to put the plasma TV in the lounge. But the Gyre system from the Reversica Design allows you to hide the screen with a simple twist, leaving it a shelf of books, records, pictures or what you decide to decorate it.

Based on the usefulness of both space and function, the Gyre rotating TV Storages are made to order, designed for measurements of the “idiot box” and prices negotiable. So far only the United States, Canada and the UK.

You just have to open a lid on the bottom, so you can turn the system supports this lower rotating part of the furniture. It also takes place to put the DVD and other objects.

[Ref: reversica]

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