Growtron 2000: Unique Planters for Houseplants

These days I’m tuning my yard. I bought an umbrella, chairs, a table …. For houseplants, I have many, wanted some original pot, so I started looking on the net and I found these unique planters called “Growtron 2000“.

If you realize this helpful household is made of various types of tools such as wrenches and nuts that make the arms or the four screws that form the feet.

It is a handmade project by Utah Designer Fred Conlon, which has used scrap parts only stop shape. It is on sale at Uncommon Goods for about $90 USD. I don’t know whether to buy or engage find in my toolbox to make a similar one.

great recycled steel pot holder sculpture 424x500 » Growtron 2000: Unique Planters for Houseplants


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