Great Products To Help Protect Your Wood Furniture

Wood is a material that has more presence in almost every home and is very important to give the necessary care, which can last as long as possible.

On occasion I have mentioned what such care and today I want to focus on products to protect the wood, and there are a few, each with its peculiarities. Notes:

# Undercoat is something that should apply to all new wood so you have extra protection, but learn to buy furniture and lately that most manufacturers already applied and not needed again.

# Coal tar: Used only in the forest will be very exposed to moisture and, above all, not to be purely decorative surfaces, such as the feet of some element in the garden, which almost went unnoticed. We recommend using only outdoors as it has a very strong odor.

# Painting: Can be applied on any surface is visible and incorporate additional protection. Note that for microporous be painted the wood to breathe well, because otherwise it may flake or swell, which almost certainly. You have a great variety of colors, but if it is a protective varnish, or simply be transparent.

# Varnish: matt or gloss can be, depending on the desired finish to both one and the other creates a transparent film that is water resistant and very durable. Usually applied to indoor furniture forever, but can also be used for the exterior.

# Guards: They are available in several colors and matte and shiny, but always transparent to reveal the wood and the withdrawal of its original form.

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