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Chapter 916: Clearing the Tenth Floor

More importantly, to open the hidden entrance on every floor, one had to collect ten keys altogether.

These ten keys could be found in this hands of several Castellans of the Kingdom of Devils.

The problem was, this Kingdom of Devils had at least ten thousand cities, if not a hundred thousand.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had to first determine which Castellan held a key and move to snatch it.

A dark glow cocooned Huang Xiaolong’s body, altering his face and physical appearance.

In a few short moments, he looked exactly like a devil, whistling through the air as he flew towards the closest city.

A short while later, he stood in front of a devil city’s gates.

This city’s walls were actually built out of a rare material from hell called Underworld Marvel Stone.

Those rare stones were piled high over each other, glistening and emitting devil qi.

Stepping into the city, Huang Xiaolong could feel pure and dense devil qi pressing down on him for all around.

As he moved forward, he secretly purified this devil qi close to him and absorbed it.

Inside this devil city, devils roamed the streets just like common people, while shops lined both sides of a street.

Just like the human race, the devil race was also made up of tribes and clans such as the Nether Blood Devils, Giant Winged Devils, Green-eyed Devils, Asura Devils, Devilish Elves, and many others.

Amongst them, the Giant Winged Devils and Green-eyed Devils were the two most commonly seen types.

On the backs of the Giant Winged Devils were two enormous wings, which gave them the best flying ability, while the Green-eyed Devils cultivated their soul force and were experts at soul attacks.

Amongst the devil tribes and clans, the Asura Devils and Devilish Elves had the most beautiful appearances.

The Asura Devils had the noblest bloodline in the ranks of devils, causing their talent for cultivating darkness force to be the highest, hence they were also the strongest.

Huang Xiaolong’s altered appearance was that of an Asura.

The devils passing by Huang Xiaolong would subconsciously retreat some distance in awe and apprehension, giving way to him first.

Huang Xiaolong exuded a natural aloofness and did not put these devils in his eyes.

His divine sense spread, guiding him to this city’s Castellan Manor.

Two years passed by in the blink of an eye.

On the tenth floor of the Hellion Tower, the condensed devil blade in Huang Xiaolong’s hand chopped down, splitting an early Ninth Order Highgod Realm Asura into two from the head down.

His Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power came to life, absorbing its energy.

A glittering golden object the size of a thumb fell from the void above, this floor’s tenth key.

He had finally gathered all the required keys for the tenth floor.

Grasping the golden key in his hand, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t conceal the glimmer of joy in his eyes.

With the ten required keys gathered, he could open the entrance to the eleventh floor.

The Hellion Tower eleventh floor!

For the unknown number of years since the Hellion Tower had stood here, only the ancient Devil King had ever passed the tenth floor, entering the eleventh floor.

‘I wonder what’s on the eleventh floor.’ Huang Xiaolong wondered to himself.

In the past, although the ancient Devil King managed to enter the eleventh floor, he failed to pass it and had never mentioned any details about that floor to the outside world.

Thus, the eleventh and twelfth floors had remained a mystery to everyone until now.

Huang Xiaolong put away the tenth key when, all of a sudden, an enormous space tear appeared above him, revealing a giant tree descending through the tear.

Dense devil qi roiled around it

When the giant tree fully descended, Huang Xiaolong noticed that his Archdevil Supreme Godhead gave a buoyant reaction, trembling vigorously.

He was startled by this, what kind of tree was it that brought such a big reaction from his Archdevil Supreme Godhead 

Hanging on the branches of this giant tree were ten golden fruits, each of which as tall as a person and shaped like a devil.

“Fiend Fruits!” Huang Xiaolong’s heart was racing.

The tenth floor’s reward were precisely those ten-million-years-old Fiend Fruits!

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath.

In a flicker, he narrowed the distance between him and the giant tree, creating and attractive force that pulled all ten Fiend Fruits from the branches.

The giant tree then flashed with a golden light, disappearing from view.

Huang Xiaolong quickly sat cross-legged in the air, pushing his three supreme godheads with full force to refine these ten Fiend Fruits.

As his three supreme godheads rotated at high speed, streams of terrifying energy was extracted from those ten Fiend Fruits, rushing into his body.

Huang Xiaolong’s body shook from the overwhelming influx of energy.

The energy from the ten fruits was like a tsunami hitting his veins and meridians.

It was ferocious, as if it wanted to tear Huang Xiaolong apart from within.

He had the feeling that his body would implode in the next second.

Within two years, Huang Xiaolong had passed the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors.

During this time, his cultivation had rose from mid-Fifth Order Highgod Realm to early Sixth Order, while his True Dragon Divine Physique’s defense and power were enhanced significantly.

Even divine artifacts of higher grades could hardly pierce through his skin, but the amount of energy coming from these ten Fiend Fruits was actually pushing Huang Xiaolong to the limit.

As minutes passed, Huang Xiaolong’s skin cracked, red lines ran across his skin as more and more blood pooled out.

However, his martial spirits’ abilities had completely blended into his body when he broke through to the Highgod Realm, therefore, every time Huang Xiaolong’s flesh cracked from the pressure, it would recover almost immediately.

Cracking and mending, again and again.

In this manner, another month passed.

Huang Xiaolong finally adapted to whelming force coursing inside of him.

Above his soul sea, his three supreme godheads emitted rings of resplendent glow.

Three months passed.

Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation rose to peak early Sixth Order Highgod Realm, yet streams of energy were still rushing into his body, greedily devoured by his three supreme godheads and converted into godforce.

By the time eight months had passed since he had cleared the tenth floor, Huang Xiaolong, sitting cross-legged, suddenly quivered again as he advanced to mid-Sixth Order Highgod Realm!

Several more days passed before the ten Fiend Fruits exploded into a flash of light, vanishing in the air.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and stood up.

Only then did his divine sense start checking his body’s condition.

He discovered that, after absorbing the ten fruits, the four divine fire spirits actually doubled in size.

Stoked, Huang Xiaolong stimulated the divine fires, causing streams of shimmering gray energy to flow out from the void.

This time, however, there were ten streams of energy, each of them as thick as an adult’s arm.

Delight sprung in Huang Xiaolong’s chest, he didn’t expect those Fiend Fruits to actually help increase the four divine fire spirits’ ability to summon the gray energy.

Shortly, Huang Xiaolong suppressed the delight in his heart and took out the ten keys, combining them.

A blinding light burst from his hand, slowly opening a black hole not far in front of him.

After a brief moment of hesitation, his figure disappeared, heading to the eleventh floor.

When Huang Xiaolong entered the eleventh floor, the walls of the Hellion Tower released a radiant light, expanding further until it reached the edges of the City of Devils.

By this time, the crowd on the square had grown many times bigger, all of them exclaiming in awe.

Shock, boiling excitement, and whispers filled the square.

“Devil Son Mo Su actually passed the tenth floor, becoming the second expert to enter the eleventh floor in a hundred million years!”

“From the first to the tenth floors, Devil Son Mo Su only spent three years time! The ancient Devil King used more than a hundred years ah! This is stretching the title of a heaven-defying genius!”

The Zhou Clan Patriarch who had arrived roughly a year ago cupped his fists, congratulating Mo Dingtian, “Congratulations, Brother Dingtian! Devil Son Mo Su’s talent is unparalleled, he will definitely be able to clear the eleventh floor as well, becoming the very first person to do so!”

The devil clan Patriarch laughed heartily, “I’ll borrow Patriarch Zhou’s auspicious words.

Frankly speaking, even I did not expect Mo Su to clear the tenth floor so fast!” In his subtle words and voice was complacence, undisguised complacence.


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