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Upon reaching the megapolis, Huang Xiaolong did not enter through the city gates.

Instead, he flew over, stopping above the city.

The clouds above the giant city were immediately sucked into the mammoth-sized lightning cloud above Huang Xiaolongs head, merging into it, enlarging the giant cloud even more.

Fourteen thousand li, fifteen thousand li…

Twenty thousand li, thirty thousand li…

The giant lightning cloud expanded until it reached thirty thousand li! Only after reaching such a monstrous size did it stop expanding. 

With Huang Xiaolongs current cultivation at mid-Second Order Highgod Realm, gathering the lightning force within thirty thousand li was his limit.

At the same time, the lightning beasts that were hiding in the lightning clouds above were all swept toward Huang Xiaolong, struck to death, then had their essence force absorbed by him.

Hovering below the mammoth-sized lightning cloud, with a sea of lightning flood dragons close to one thousand zhang in length sizzling around him, Huang Xiaolong looked like the epitome of a god of destruction from afar.

The disciples inside the city and the surrounding ten thousand li shuddered as they looked at the catastrophic storm cloud.

Apprehension and fear filled their faces watching the black-haired young man right in the midst of that chaos.

“This, which familys freak talent is this! Hes actually capable of controlling such a large volume of destructive lightning force!” A peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm disciples voice quivered as he spoke.

Before this horrifying lightning cloud, he didn\'t even have the will to muster up thoughts of resistance.

“Could he be from the Tempest Academy, the tenth ranked Jiang Xiaosu I heard that Jiang Xiaosu can also control lightning and wind at the same time!” A peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm disciple dumbly made a guess.

These two disciples were within the current top one hundred.

“Jiang Xiaosu Forget Jiang Xiaosu, not even the first ranked Wangu Yanhui is this terrifying!”

“Theres actually such a frightening character in this terms tournament!”

“Who is this person He most likely isn\'t in the current top ten, those great geniuses within the top ten, I recognize all of them.”

The participating disciples below curiously discussed about Huang Xiaolong.

No one dared to run, afraid of provoking Huang Xiaolongs wrath with their actions and be destroyed by a lightning strike.

Not even the several peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm disciples dared to make any reckless moves.

Huang Xiaolong looked below, randomly pointing at a disciple: “You, come here.”

To that late-Third Order Highgod Realm disciples horror, his body moved forward out of his control, flying toward Huang Xiaolong.

Not a wisp of his godforce could be manipulated.

This did not escape the others notice, and they were even more afraid to make any reckless moves.

“Sen-Senior, have me-mercy!” That late-Third Order Highgod Realm disciple started crying for mercy immediately upon reaching Huang Xiaolong, his words beginning to sound nonsensical.

Watching the terror on the disciples face and hearing his cries for mercy, Huang Xiaolong inwardly felt a little bit bitter, ‘Am I that scary I don\'t remember saying I wanted to kill him.

“Let me ask you, how long has the tournament went on” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The disciple that was busy crying for mercy shut up in a daze and stopped flailing all over the place.

This black-haired man pulled him over just to ask this question

Seeing that disciple simply look back at him dazedly, Huang Xiaolong frowned, and after noticing it, that disciple quickly answered.

“There are still forty-something days until the tournament ends.” Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief at this answer.

If there were only a few days remaining until the tournament ended, it would be very hard for him to chase up to the first place no matter how powerful he was; forget the first place, even entering the top ten would have been pressing his luck.

Knowing that there were more than forty days left, there was still hope for him to break into the top ten, top three, or even the first place!

Huang Xiaolong asked that disciple a few more questions, and he immediately told Huang Xiaolong everything he knew.

“Do you know where Yelu Tianfeng is right now” Huang Xiaolong tried.

Still, forty over days did not leave Huang Xiaolong with much time, especially when his ranking had fallen too far behind.

There was quite an enormous gap to close, so the fastest solution was to kill other disciples of higher ranking to reap a large amount of points.

Confident as he was of his own strength, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t go on a killing rampage, otherwise, once he left this place, he would become the kill target of many forces.

The losses would exceed the gains.

Whereas grudges already existed between the Yelu Family and him, not to mention the fact that he had killed Yelu Xin, Yelu Bi, Yelu Xuan, and thirteen other Yelu Family disciples.

The feud between them was irreconcilable, therefore, killing a few more Yelu Family disciples made no difference.

And Huang Xiaolongs biggest target was Yelu Tianfeng.

 “Senior is looking for Yelu Tianfeng” That disciple was stunned for a second, something flashed in his mind and he hurriedly reply, “The rumors floating around say that some disciples found an ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling, many disciples heard of this message and are rushing over.

Wangu Yanhui, Fang Chu, Zhou Yao, Mu Qi, Yelu Tianfeng, and the others will probably go there as well.”

Originally, most of the disciples in the city were planning to hurry over as well, but who would have thought this black-haired young man would appear here.

No one dared to leave.

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up.

Ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling!

Since the Overflowing Lightning World was a higher realm world surface, then an ancient Lightning God could very well be a Heavenly God master and above.

The cultivation dwelling left behind by a Heavenly God master was probably richer than the tournaments rewards.

Huang Xiaolong asked about the location of the ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling.

The disciple spilled out all he knew in detail to Huang Xiaolong.

After he finished asking what he wanted to know, Huang Xiaolong quickly made an estimation; according to his current speed, he could reach that ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling in half a days time.

Then, no longer caring about the disciples below, he disappeared in a flicker, hurrying straight to the said location.

That late-Third Order Highgod Realm watched the giant lightning cloud above Huang Xiaolongs head float away and a sudden fatigue took over him.

His robe was wet from the cold sweat running down his back.

The disciples below had a feeling as if they had just survived a catastrophe.

As the disciple said, the cultivators in the city had planned to hurry over to the ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling, but now, more than half of them had changed their minds.

At an unknown distance from the megapolis was a towering mountain peak that pierced into the clouds, occasionally flashing with bright lightning.

This mountain peak was actually built from a Divine Worlds rare material called Magnetic Lightning Stones that had been piled up high to form this mountain.

Above the peak of this towering mountain was a black spatial hole several li in diameter.like, which was the entrance to the ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling.

In truth, the entrance was supposedly concealed, but a disciple went up to the Magnetic Lightning Mountain and accidentally activated the cultivation dwellings formations, revealing the entrance in the open.

Although it hadnt been long, almost all participating disciples heard the news and hurried over.

Naturally, this included disciples in the top thirty, and Yelu Tianfeng was one of them.

Yelu Tianfeng led a group of Yelu Family disciples, passing through the entrance.

The ancient Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling was an independent world, and quite a spacious one.

“Theres a good chance this cultivation dwelling belongs to a super high realm Heavenly God master, this kind of cultivation dwelling always has a central formation.

We must find that formation first!” Yelu Tianfing commanded.

All the present Yelu Family disciples respectfully acknowledged his command.

“Big brother Tianfeng, would the appearance of this Lightning God cultivation dwelling lure out that Huang Xiaolong” Yelu Wei asked.

By now, Yelu Tianfeng already found out that the sixteen Yelu Family disciples were killed by Huang Xiaolong, so in the past year, Yelu Tianfeng had been searching for him.

At the mention of Huang Xiaolong, Yelu Tianfengs eyes were bloodshot with killing intent, “I really hope that Huang Xiaolong will come! Killing sixteen of my Yely Familys disciples, this Huang Xiaolong, Ill skin him alive and rip out his tendons, scrap his flesh off the bone! I want him to feel pain one million times worse than death, only that can wash away the hate in my heart!!”


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